Co-Op and Cocktails

Co-Op and Cocktails is an exciting new podcast bringing you fresh content every week! Hear the latest video gaming news, listen to video game reviews, watch gameplay videos and join the fun during streams. The crew will keep you laughing with their ridiculous antics and banter. Pick up a controller and play along or just stay for the cocktails, whatever your pleasure the crew has you covered.

About the Crew

Coming at you from coast to coast players 1-3 were brought together by a shared love of video games, tasty beverages, and having fun while crushing enemies.


Kelso – Player 1

Kelso loves video games, movies, and his wife, not necessarily in that order. As a Marine, he stays calm under pressure, and will fearlessly lead the crew to fight against any adversary. He’s always got a witty remark or the perfect movie quote ready for any situation. Don’t try to go head to head in a quote battle with him, he’ll win.

Kernnel – Player 2

The Kernnel is a mysterious entity. No one is quite sure where he comes from or how he knows so much about video games. The crew is just glad that he’s on their side. He has an infinite supply of memes and gifs at his disposal, and his memory for movie quotes nearly rivals Kelso’s. If you’re looking for the calm voice of reason within the crew Kernnel is your man, or person…or maybe android? No one truly knows.

V – Player 3

Bubbly, creative and easily frazzled – V rounds out the crew. When it comes to console-based video games, well, she tries her best. Give her an MMORPG and she’ll get to work earning every achievement in sight. Her hair color is ever changing, and her husband is just as nerdy as she is.










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Co-Op and cocktails

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If you like video games, drinks, movies, music, tuna sandwiches - or pretty much anything pop culture related - we think you'll like what we're mixing up. So grab a drink and tune in.